Here is my answer to the proverbial question, “What is the meaning of life.”

What is the meaning of life, reduced to its 10 basic components, I started thinking about it when the question was brought to my attention at the age of 10. I didn't have a good answer so I thought about it awhile.

Years later, this was my answer.

Like any other philosophical question, my answer will no doubt bring philosophical dispute.

C'est la vie

What is the meaning of life, answered

My Music and Music Videos DestinyJoe surviving_the_hospital is about murder attempts, hospital screwups and medical tragedies What is the Meaning of Life

A Friend In Time

The Problem Is Not The Problem

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Like the mimes who do pantomime, pretending to open doors and drink and walk and talk, real friends are few and far. It's not always easy to tell the difference between a real friend and an acquaintance, but ultimately through the test of time, you will find and know when you have found,

a friend in time.

I think therefore I am, answered

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