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  > Prepare Your Own Emergency

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 > Pneumonia, the things they didn't tell

     me that saved my life

  > Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Tuberculosis

 > Hospital assisted Psychological Trauma,

    My Baby Died And They Never Let Me See Her

 > Trauma Induced Schizophrenia Vs. Medication

     Induced Schizophrenia

  > The Three Types of Schizophrenia

 > How I Cut My Medical Bills by 66%

 > Doc Fixed Her Ankle Wrong Twice

 > Her Blood Pressure was 212/170 and

     nothing was done

 > She Blew up My Penis

 > Sciatica, Compressed Vertebrae, Back and/or

     Neck Pain, Things they don't do or tell you

     to do that will help correct the problem

 > The Respiratory Therapist Was High and

     the nurse was an idiot

 > How Many Nurses Does It Take to

    Operate a Hoyer Lift?

 > How Effective is Shock Treatment and did it

    really work for Frankenstein?

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Of the 300,000+ yearly tragedies that occur in hospitals each year, caused by Doctors, Nurses and other staff, I am one who has survived the most extreme of conditions and lives to tell all.


Candid conversation with a state investigator who investigates hospital abuse complaints.

“I also work as a nurse on the weekend so I know what goes on.”

“They probably started covering it up after your first phone call.”

If you have never been in a hospital, you won't believe the things that go on.

If you are a doctor, nurse, technician, aide, therapist, cook or cleaning staff in the hospital, you already know. You won't tell though, because you fear losing your job, you’re covering up for someone else or you have done something wrong yourself.

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  > She Was Beat up Twice in the Hospital

  > Constant Ear Infections, Tubes in the Ears

     and options they don't tell you

 > Tinnitus Solutions 4 out of 5 Ear Specialists

     Never Heard of

 > Bedsores and solutions the experts

    forget to tell you

  > Nursing Homes Vs. The Matrix, We

     the Money Battery

 > Respite care, Taking a Break or Cop-out

 > No Risk Surgery, My Ass

 > The Doctor Tried to Kill Me Twice on Purpose

 > Circle Bed Nightmare

 > The Respirator Malfunctioned and Nobody Came

 > Assume the Worst, Hope for the Best (Patient),

    The Politics of Being a Patient

 > Assume the Worst, Hope for the Best (Patient

     Advocate, The Politics Of Being a Friend,

    Family/Advocate Of the Patient

 > Blood Poisoning When Minutes Count,

     but no one is counting?

 > The Real List of Names, Address’ and

     Numbers You Should Have on hand

 > Common Cheats by Medical Students,

     Workers, Doctors, take-home finals

 > Walkers, Braces, Wheelchairs and Other

     Over recommended Devices

 > So You Want to Have an Epidural

     During Childbirth

 > Death by Neglect, only $30,000

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With a similar injury to Christopher Reeves, the actor who played the starring role as Superman in the movie, Superman, this book explains some of the reasons why, I am still alive 10 years after his death, having broken my neck, 19 years before he broke his neck and still in good physical condition in comparison to most quads whose injury has occurred five years or less.

This is according to a spinal cord specialist doctor working at a top-rated spinal cord injury center during my annual checkup 36 years after my injury.

Seasoned with sarcasm, humor, the problems and solutions, you will enjoy reading, Surviving the Hospital, while learning how to avoid being killed or damaged while you are a Patient. Revealed, the secrets and real dangers that begin, once you are admitted.

98,000 Words

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